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Databound can provide bespoke services to outsource your data management, and save you time and money with expert tools and consultation.
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What we do

Make An Informed Decision - Faster

Your data should be useful and accessible to everyone in your business - let us take away the hassle and confusion, and overhaul your data management and analytical procedures to save you time and effort.

We offer the following services to transform your business, fully tailored to suit your requirements.
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Personal Guidance

What is Your Data Worth?

Self-reflection is hard at the best of times; even more difficult when you are busy doing what you do best.

We can explore your data generation and usage, carry out a diagnostic of your processes, and answer any specific issues you have, or find alternative ways to help you maximise your time and minimise your costs.

We can also advise on  usage and costs of helpful tools, such as Point of Sale systems, database provisioning and much more; giving you confidence that your data usage policies and compliance are to current code.

NExt steps

Do You Know Your Next Move?

Every business and organisation relies on understanding their market, their customers, their competition and their own processes. However, taking time to carry out this analysis can be costly and time consuming, especially to smaller groups or those without the relevant experience.

Our innovative systems scour the web, letting us quickly collect huge amounts of data for you. Our team will produce bespoke reports and graphics, to answer any question you have, and help share your visions to a wider audience.

Let us turn your ideas into explored and well-researched actions.

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Focus On What Matters

As the efficiency of technology has increased, the popularity of apps has increased hugely, with an estimated 218 billion app downloads in 2020.

Apps and data delivery now go hand in hand, and our advanced web-based apps automate your data outputs at the touch of a button. Fully compatible with all computer and mobile devices, we will produce your perfect solution.

If you haven't got the data to begin with, we can also produce automatic data collection systems that generate new data from the web.

How does it work

Just One Phone Call

Simple costing

Upfront, Bespoke & Transparent

We aim to be as upfront and transparent with costs as possible. Staying up-to-date with technology and managing your data isn't easy but could provide the business insight you need to drive your business into the future. Let us take the weight so that you can focus on what you are good at.

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"We are so thankful to Joe from Databound who took all our wellbeing data from courses we have delivered since 2016 and combined the results so that we can see the overall impact we make as a Charity."
Liz Davies — Shine Co-ordinator of The Shine Project
Looking to improve and understand your data driven processes? From investigating POS services to providing data capture techniques, we have you covered. We also have a range of partnerships, so if we can't help, we are sure to know someone who can.
Day Rate
Guided Software Training
Professional Report Writing
Grant Applications
Business Insight
Technology Support and Integration Service
Database Management
Tailored Surveys
Stakeholder Mapping
Data Collection
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Sometimes that piece of software or process just doesn't quite fit the bill. We can provide that level of customisation you are looking for, with bespoke dashboards that automate your work, integrating with the services you love, and making them perfectly fit your business.
Starting From
Custom Built Applications to perfectly fit your needs
Marketing Apps
For Personal & Commercial Use
Customer Relationship Management Tools
API Integration
Automated Workflows
Automated Reports Based on Live Data Analysis
Bespoke Dashboards
With no software to download and no hardware to manage, it couldn't be easier to use our apps.
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Joe met with us over Zoom to ensure he understood what we wanted to achieve and didn’t seem the slightest bit phased by what we assumed would be a huge task! He created a report that will help us both with funding and with enabling the organisations we work with to see the impact we have on the wellbeing of their teenage girls.
Liz Davies
Co-ordinator at Shine Project
We were engaged to help a HR team keep track of training deadlines, project tasks and staff metrics, as this was carried out using a few different systems. For less than the price of a part time HR Rep, we produced a dashboard that automatically connected all their systems, keeping them aligned so that nothing slipped through the cracks.
Luke Chrimes
Case Study
I was looking for a way to streamline my sales activity to improve the service I provide to potential and existing customers. I immediately connected with Joe and he understood exactly what I was looking for.
The result is a bespoke app which syncs my database of contacts, calendar and email to increase the efficiency of my sales processes. His solution means I haven’t had to learn how to use a new CRM or migrate all my contacts to a new database, saving me time and money.
Mizan Rahman
Card Industry Professionals
Joe Babbage at Databound was asked to provide a bespoke software system to facilitate the automated processing of the Trader Sales Reports at The Emporium, Yeovil. This was duly provided with comprehensive training given and ongoing 'above & beyond' support via the telephone and Zoom meetings. We would have no hesitation in recommending Databound.
The Emporium
Professional & Experienced

Our Team is Always Here to Help You With Your Project

Research Director
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Alex Cornean

Alex has a background in biological research, and ensures that what we produce is of the highest standards and meets our clients expectations. He is passionate about enabling others by producing educational material.
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Managing Director
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Joseph Babbage

Joe works on the administrative side of things, helping co-ordinate our projects and communications, whilst focussing on our marketing plan and talking to newer clients. He's always keen to get to know you better, and answer any questions you may have!
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Technical Director
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Luke Chrimes

Luke is an experienced member of our team who is constantly looking for novel ways to improve our services, so we can help you with whatever problem you have. He oversees the production of our innovative data transformation tools that are used by our clients.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Data Analysis can be a confusing topic - if you have any questions that aren't answered here, let us know!

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Why is Data Analysis important to my business?

A successful business needs to understand where opportunities and bottlenecks lie. Data can show when your stock may run out, when you're likely to have your busiest day of the year, or even which customers are likely  to respond to deals and discounts.

Do I need to be at a certain stage to use your services?

Not at all! We understand that different businesses are at different stages in terms of using data, and have different needs based on the current complexity of their work.

No matter who you are, or where you are, we'll talk with you to understand your current data usage, and what you want to be able to do. And if that means you need some assistance taking your first foray into the world of data, we'd love to help.

Do I need to send you data? How does this work with GDPR?

We understand that data security is paramount, and all of our services have been created with this in mind. Wherever we use your data for our consultation work, we can be flexible, either working with altered data so that it is safe to send, or storing it as per a data sharing agreement.

In terms of our data transformation apps, none of your data is stored. The data is uploaded by yourself, then automatically transformed to the useful outputs and graphs. This is then returned to you, and the data you uploaded is not saved at any point.

How can I get a specific quote for what I need?

Our quotes are customised to the work you need, based on the complexity of the task, and the number of hours required for us to work on them.

As data analysis is based on a broad spectrum of work, for multiple different industries, we need to carry out a small amount of exploratory research on our end to truly understand the inherent work involved for your specific query or report.

Therefore, we offer a free initial consultiation so we can get to know you, and provide a quote shortly thereafter.
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