About Us

01. Ethos

Our Vision -
Green progress. Now and for future generations. For everyone.

Our Mission

1. Access for people from all walks of life.

We believe that by enabling clinical and pharmaceutical professionals to focus on innovation we can help drive clinical discovery. We do so by providing automated workflows and analytical tools in healthcare, to reduce costs and time spent on tedious tasks.

2. Access to unbiased information for everyone.

We believe in a universal right to facts and strongly condemn misinformation and “fake news”. Companies and people should have access to easy to use resources and tools. We hope that by providing some of these we can help people improve their lives and businesses, and avoid unfortunate mistakes.

3. Progress & education of companies’ and peoples’ behaviour towards a sustainable future.

Together we want to explore innovative and greener ways of doing business. Our aim is to help improve your daily processes and workflows. Because both data storage and analysis consume costly resources, we hope that with our help, the resources at your disposal can be put to better use.

Our Tools

Data collection, transformation, visualisation and automation of processes, including machine learning based solutions.     

Whether you are a one-person start-up, a non-profit organisation or an established company, together we can explore solutions to your problems, so that you can focus on what you do best.                                 

We are happy to screen and analyse your data, combine it with freely available information and provide you with solutions, trends and ideas to simplify your decision-making.

Who We Are

At heart, we are data scientists with a background in the biological sciences. Our bonds were formed across borders many years ago. That is why we do not believe that anyone’s background should determine their future. We want to help everyone, equally.