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utomating your complex and routine workflows can save you the time and money needed to explore new leads, innovate and up-skill your workforce. Studies, surveys and efficiency reports have all shown that the pandemic has sparked a massive acceleration in the rise of automation, possibly due to the sudden unavailability of critical staff who were furloughed or in isolation. More efficient business processes and streams are one part of having a stable and secure business, and allow the human element of your workplace to shine, focussing on the productive and creative side of things, and minimising the impact of human error.

A recent study found that "90% of workers are burdened with boring, repetitive tasks".

Speaking from our experiences, we know how damaging this can be to morale and productivity, increasing the chance of staff burnout and loss.

Examples of these tasks include:

  • Filling in forms without a robust template.
  • Extracting data from documents and emails.
  • Searching for information and files in a shared wordspace.
  • Tracking the status of tasks, deadlines and bottlenecks.
  • Checking in repeatedly for status updates.
  • Manual or duplicate data entry.
  • Sending out the same report on a set timeline.
  • And the list goes on...

Please have a look at one of our four demo applications below. We maintain these applications as simple, but useful, examples of automation, which are free for anyone to play around with and use. Applications of this complexity can be delivered within 3 days, save on average around 3 hours a week and cost only £22 per month*.

Please note these applications may have a "warm-up time" of around 15-30 seconds when clicked, if they haven't been used in a little while. Paid applications don't have this issue though, so don't worry!

Demo One :  A simple application to generate breakout rooms for a Zoom call. When you are hosting more that 30 people twice a week on a Zoom call and need to generate 4 session with 8 rooms of 4 people, a spreadsheet can just be a bit messy and time-consuming. Why not just use this application and save yourself time and effort.

Demo Two : Generating those weekly reports from the same dataset every day can easily be forgotten when you have urgent work. It's only when you have that team meeting early in the morning that it suddenly becomes an issue... Well, from now on just use an application like this and make yourself a tea whilst you wake up!

Demo Three : Often, education and understanding of a problem is the first crucial step towards being able to find a solution. But this stage can also be the hardest, and has wider impacts in regards to onboarding etc. on how well your staff can function, and their culture and morale. Applications like this can be quickly created to help make learning more interactive and memorable.

Demo Four : Trying to keep track of relationships between people, their characteristics and what you've done in relation to them can be difficult to keep clear and understood in your head - let alone between a whole team. This application is a great example of a relatively simple system that can help a lot with this sort of work, and be easily improved to become a whole lot more complicated and automatic, with reminders or insight models generated. Whilst we've used people here, any "item" could be tracked like this, be it a machine part, or a medicinal product.

We hope this has been useful - if you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to discuss an application or idea, just get in touch using the contact form on our website!



* All applications have an upfront development cost, separate to this stated server maintenance fee. In the case of the demo applications shown here, the development costs would be below £500. Total cost can vary depending on complexity.

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