What's the Impact of a Christmas Tree?


Now that we’re at the end of 2020, it’s important to reflect and remember what we’ve gone through this year - and I’m sure there is a lot to go over! But with Christmas so fresh in our memories, it’s time to focus on a specific impact many of us may have had - our Christmas trees.

Nowadays, there is an impact to the climate from almost everything we do, and it’s getting harder and harder to understand the true damage we may be causing. This is something that we’re passionate about, and something that we believe can only be corrected through education and understanding of the issues, so that the proper corrective action can be taken. 

So, we recently produced a simple application, that lets you see the impact of cutting down a tree of a certain age and species, in an easily understandable way. Although this is only an approximation, it hopefully can help drive home what we’re doing when we cut down a tree - and how we can fix it.

To take a look, please follow this link -


If you’d like to help make a difference, please consider donating to the Woodland Trust - they’re a wonderful charity who are doing their best to preserve the UK’s forests. Merry Christmas - and Happy New Year!

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